Adnan Fatayerji

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At Work. Adnan is a multidisciplinary and multi lingual entrepreneur with a successful track record in the software and infrastructure space. He is drawn towards projects and startups with amplified positive impact and is focused on tech companies that are ethically and compassionately driven. Today, he is a part of a diverse team of innovators trying to redefine the internet’s inclusivity through autonomous capabilities. At Incubaid, Adnan coordinates a spin-off, sister, tech incubator called ATWGreen which is focused on empowering startups in the field of sustainability in the Middle East region.

Inspiration. I am drawn to Incubaid's approach to simplicity, every start up that has come through it's doors has resolved a complex solution in the tech space by following nature-based models. This not only results in better technology (less lines of code) but also generates a real world positive impact through energy efficiency for the planet.

At Play. I am a musician at heart and I have been creating music since i was first gifted a mini Casio keyboard by my parents at the age of 10. I think if I tried to upload all of my unpublished tracks it would break the internet :). I am drawn to music's ability to transcend all boundaries and I try to embody that mantra in my daily life.

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