Didem Gordon

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At Work. Seasoned finance and investment executive with 30 years of experience in emerging markets. Built, managed, and created leading investment institutions, products, and markets. Transformed her professional background, global network, and skillset into supporting innovation and entrepreneurship for impact and launched Phaida Ventures, a startup and VC consulting business, in 2018. Passionate about decentralization, life works, and contributing to building a sustainable ecosystem for exponential growth of "good for humanity" projects.

Inspiration. I consider Incubaid as a hub for innovation built on values and principles very similar to my own. My inspiration is to contribute to responsible, good for humanity-focused innovation, making it available to masses, fostering inclusion and development across the world, improve fairness in using the resources of our planet, disrupting many systems around it, and offering opportunities for living in a better world. I strongly believe that Incubaid, built on ThreeFold's values and principles, has a huge opportunity to make these and more happen. It is structured right as a growing, inclusive, and collaborative organism, decentralized, agile, and a solid example of building beautiful businesses.

I believe I can 1. contribute to Incubaid's strategy formulation and implementation, 2. build and expand a variety of communities around Incubaid's ecosystem partnerships that will have a positive snowball effect on growth of new, amazing startups from Incubaid, 3. connect with and build strong ties with this part of the ecosystem globally to have access to serious funding opportunities: impact investment, SR (social responsibility), social innovation, tech for impact, universities, 4. create and manage funds investing in Incubaid startups, building best practices for a decentralized impact investment use case, managing Incubaid's finances and funding roadmap, 5. coach startups from ideation to Series A, 6. collaborating with related similar minded parties to grow Incubaid, create many win-win projects, bring in talent.

At Play. My life motto is "choose love over fear." I am a big believer of the divine play and yet our capabilities to create our own destinies when connected to the source. In my half of a century of existence, I've been a committed student of life works, and have had a wide range of endeavors.

I like to work with young people, have a passion to touch lives in any positive way that I can, connect people with similar resonance around noteworthy goals to leverage and grow good exponentially. My best life work ever is my 20 year old son. I am passionate about creating and learning. Hobbies are yoga, golf, sailing, reading, and coaching.

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We believe doing good for the world and doing business can go hand in hand.