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Electric Vehicles Are
The Future

but the charging networks are still not where they need to be in order to drive wider adoption

No Public Availability

While many owners have private charging stations at home, there are generally not enough public charging stations.

No Easy Payments

It is difficult for charging station owners to track usage and collect payment in a safe and easy way.

Not Incentivised

People that do not own an electric vehicle currently do not have much reason to put up a charging station.

Enertia's Way of Fixing This

Global Payment Mechanism

Powered by the blockchain, anyone with tokens can charge at any Enertia-enabled charging station.

Simple User Experience

Easy-to-use platform helps electric vehicle owners locate charging stations all over the world.

Payments Made Easy

Payment process through the blockchain makes more station owners add their locations to the grid.

Pushing Sustainability

More charging stations equals higher adoption of electric vehicles, which means a happy mother earth.

What does the platform look like?


We believe doing good for the world and doing business can go hand in hand.