Bringing fairness, security and scalability to digital commerce.

FairSwap is an open-source, decentralized project complete with wallet, exchange and P2P marketplace, protecting users and enabling true, trusted transacting globally.

The Problem

We don’t need third-parties in digital commerce — yet they keep growing. And getting more dangerous.

No sovereignty or control : Centralized exchanges and wallets have custody of funds and require middlemen

Huge security and data privacy issues : Large exchanges are easy targets for hacks with little recourse or protection

Market manipulation and no transparency : Fake volumes and market-making, algorithmic trading

Complexity and lack of information : Hard to navigate exchanges, manage private keys, make informed decisions

Not enough interoperability : Existing platforms seek to lock in users to their own ecosystems

Solution & Mission

Open-source, peer-to-peer financial tools that are quantum-safe and built on decentralized capacity

Scaleable. Lightweight technology and self-healing technology makes it scale with ease and endlessly.

Storage, exchange and trade operations are the foundation of the economic machine. We believe that everyone has right to access free and open instruments that enable storage, exchange and trade in a fair and transparent way.