Every child deserves an education. Inspire change. Take action.

ETake Action Global is committed to creating space for teachers and students to work at local and global levels for the betterment of humanity for today and for tomorrow.


To inspire change by providing opportunities for students around the world to take action on social good causes through education. TAG aims to find ways to connect thousands of teachers with students around the world to provide free, quality, meaningful education.


TAG wants to raise the bar of education by having experts to teach the students and by initiating teacher training with help of technology. For years they have been working to bring positive and needed change to the education system and this is another step forward. A peer-to-peer education system opens up the possibilities for learning and positive solutions for our world. The peer-to-peer platform will run on the ThreeFold Grid and will utilize elements of Digital Twin technology. The Video Chat solution will be used to allow teachers to teach refugees. They have already been doing this for five years with Project Kakuma.