Self-Driving IT

Powering the Information Technology workloads of tomorrow.

ThreeFold Tech

The Problem

Large, centralized datacenters are owned by just a few companies. They are only located in star topologies and energy-dense areas, and they are power-hungry.

The approach of adding more – people and layers – to achieve security is flawed.

With the demand for IT capacity growing tremendously, these methods are not build for the future. There are enough issues today.

The ThreeFold Tech Solution

Self-Driving IT. A decentralized peer-to-peer system inspired by nature.



Better Security

Stateless nodes reduce hacking surface. Less human involvement means less chance for error.


More Uptime

Intelligent, self-healing cells manage workloads on the grid.


Greater Efficiencies

Lowest possible cost. Less energy. More effective in storing data.


Endless Scalability

Can scale up to millions of nodes and can be distributed everywhere.