Simin Gerards

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At Work. My career spans over 23 years in the investment banking and brokerage sectors, working closely with institutional investors in Turkey and globally, specialising on the capital markets business, trading and exchanges. I have taken place in several consortiums of offerings and placements, have built and led international sales and research teams, at executive positions during this period. Most recently, I have been the CEO and board member of Erste Group A.G.’s brokerage arm in İstanbul. I believe fulfilment in life comes with always learning, changing, causing positive change and giving. After stopping with corporate life I started coaching and trainings in the startup ecosystem especially with tech startups. I am an ambassador at Threefold Foundation and a member of the business development team at TF Tech NV and take great pride in being a part of this journey and initiative.

Inspiration. Living in an emerging geography all my life, I have observed the decisive and positive impact of digital transformation people’s lives very closely. Creating technological innovation with integrity and with a vision of human benefit at the core is the latest and much needed link of this evolution and transformation. I believe Incubaid solicits and nurtures such projects and have brought together a very valuable and skilled team that is making this happen. I am proud and happy to be a part of this initiative.

At Play. I find great joy and tranquility in sculpting in clay and bronze and working with metal, creating wearable art pieces. I am a student and artist of ISD-Art Gallery and continue my internal journey through the pieces I create when find the time.

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